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We Are Hiring A Range of Positions

Build Bridges And Your Career!

Construction Superintendent

We are searching for a skilled professional expert in heavy civil construction and concrete forming/placement. You are comfortable leading a crew of skilled craftworkers, running a total station, or anything in between. You will have access to the personnel and the equipment to crush milestones. Consider this a challenge - let us know when you are ready to meet it head-on.

Crane Operator

Anyone can pull the levers. Can you make a critical pick at the limits of the crane's capabilities during a rolling highway blockade, guided by a radio? First time, every time? Join us - we have a spot for you.

Bridge Worker - Grade 3

Feeling stuck? Competent in your position, but bored? Reach out to us. We will help you further your career with certifications/education that directly relates to our mission. Life is too short, join us.

Bridge Worker - Grade 2

Professional. You know what to do, how to do it, and have the tools to complete the task. You've mastered the nuances of your job and are happy to do it. We'd be happy if you were on our team. Join us.

Bridge Worker - Grade 1

You have some construction experience and you are ready for the next step. Bring your experience to us and we will help you expand it. Welding, carpentry, form systems, rigging, steel erection, you name it - we do it. And so will you. Join us.

Bridge Worker - Trainee

Are you ready to begin a career that will challenge you endlessly and provide more opportunity for growth than you ever imagined? Experience isn't necessary, but grit is. Join us.

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