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About Us

We Build for People


Beck & Bellucci, Inc.

Our name is not a catchy marketing tool, it is a direct link to our founders - Achilles Bellucci and Alan Beck. They began the company post-WW II to install ski lifts and transitioned into bridge building shortly after. Their legacy lives on in each piece of steel we erect and each yard of concrete we place.

Beck and Bellucci has been incorporated since 1979 under the leadership of the Hurst family. In the years since incorporation, the company has experienced growth and built an excellent reputation in the region for quality, stability, and attention to detail.

From beginning to present, our goals have not changed:

  • Deliver contracts safely, to specification, and on time.

  • To be the first choice employer for our industry and region.

  • Continuously develop our people and assets.


Stakeholders. You hear it a lot today. For us, stakeholders are our employees, clients, suppliers, vendors, insurance agents....all the people it takes to continue in our mission. You build a lot of relationships in eight decades. We strive to ensure each one is positive and rewarding.


We have benefitted enormously from having employees choose to spend their careers with us and grow with us. We are committed to ensuring they benefit as well. If a project requires specialized experience, our employees have it.


We have high standards and our goal is to exceed your expectations. If we do not, we fix it and learn from the experience.

Our Mission

To lead the regional construction industry by completing bridge and heavy civil projects focused on improving the safety of the public and the efficiency of the infrastructure while providing secure, meaningful employment for those who desire to make an enduring contribution to society.

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